St. Johns Episcopal School "A Level Above the Rest"
St. Johns Episcopal School"A Level Above the Rest"

Welcome to St. John's Episcopal School

St. John’s Episcopal School is a fully-accredited educational istituion proudly serving Homestead, FL for 50 years. We offer programs for students as early as age 3, through 8th grade.


Since 1973, we have been committed to being a school of academic excellence where children experience a loving, nurturing environment within a Christian setting.


St. John’s School strives to be a place where curiosity and exploration of knowledge and ideas abound, a place where real understanding is the goal of learning, a place of inquiry, where students learn to become problem solvers and life-long learners; a place where students learn and live Christian values in every area of their school life.




It is the goal of St. John’s School to develop all aspects of a student’s life-academic, spiritual, social, physical, and emotional.

Our Mission

St. John's Episcopal School prepares students for a life of learning and meaningful service in a diverse world by providing academic excellence and character formation grounded in the Episcopal tradition. The School works to instill fundamentally American and Episcopalian idea that opportunity is available to all despite any socio-economic disadvantage.

Our Vision

St. John's Episcopal School will provide all students with a rich and rigorous curriculm which respects diversity in learning styles. St. John's Episcopal School will send our students out into the world with a mutal respect for others and love of learning grounded in the Episcopalian tradition of academic, ethical and spiritual growth.

Our Philosophy

St. John's Epicopal School integrates varied teaching methods with traditional approaches to inspre learning and build confidence. Teachers are given the freedom to teach in their unique styles. The challenging academic program prepares students for highschool and emphasizes learning as a pathway towards ethical leadership and commitment to the common good, by embracing the differences in a diverse community and embodies the Episcopal tradition of respect for the beliefs of others, inclusiveness, compassion, kindness and integrity.

St. Johns Episcopal School
145 NE 10 Street
Homestead, FL 33030

Phone: (305) 247-5445

Fax: (305) 245-4063

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8am - 3:30pm


School Secretary/Admissions Office:

Alycia Rosa

Lorraine Wells

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