St. Johns Episcopal School "A Level Above the Rest"
St. Johns Episcopal School"A Level Above the Rest"

Our Team

St. John's Episcopal School's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our students.

Office Staff

Lorraine Wells

Executive Assistant

DCF Program Director

Problem solver and local crafty person. Strong background in both management and early childhood education.

Alycia Rosa

Exectutive Assistant

Head of Scholarships

Assistant Food Service Director

Avid communicator and planner. Supervises both the DCF and NSLP programs. Scholarship expert.

Erika Diaz

Executive Assistant for the Church

VPK Aide

Friendly & enthusiastic. Always in the know regarding all Church functions.


New to our VPK program.

Early Childhood Instructors

Lucretia Clark

Pre-K3 Head Teacher

DCF Staff Certified


15+ years working with children 3 - to 4 - years old.


Narcisa Charris

VPK Lead Teacher

DCF Certified


15+ years working as the head teacher of a VPK classroom.

Jorge Estupinan

Kindergarten Head Teach

New to our team. Mr. Jorge has worked in early childhood for several years.

Elementary Instructors

Wendy Diaz

First Grade Lead Teacher

10+ Years of experience


Masters degree in Education

Maria Castro

Second Grade Lead Teacher

New to our team. Ms. Casro comes to us with a strong background in reading & literacy.

Silvia Montiel

Third Grade Lead Teacher

15+ year of teaching experience.

Aimee Hernandez

Fourth Grade Lead Teacher

5+ years experience

Strong background in religious studies

William Carr

Fifth Grade Lead Teacher

15+ years experience.

Strong background in math.

Sarah Farias

Fifth Grade Teachers Aide

New to our team. Ms. Sarah is young and enthuastic about learning & teaching.

Middle School Instructors

Daniel Carr

Sixth Grade Lead Teacher

New to our Middle School Program!

Mr. Carr comes to us with a strong background in economics and math.

Rosa Coronado

Assistant Principal

Seventh Grade Lead Teacher

15+ years of experience.

Middle School Lead English/Literature Teacher.


Assistant Head of School

Lakshmi Nair


Eigth Grade Lead Teacher

15+ years of experience.

Middle School Lead Math/Science teacher.


Head of School

Special Teachers

Carmen Guadalupe

Art & Spanish Lead Teacher

Our resident Artist is fluent in both English & Spanish.

Alex Diaz

Music Lead Teacher

Several years of musical experiecne including multiply instruments. Provides private & class instrument classes.


Betsy Salazar

Computer Science Lead Teacher

Specilizing in computer science and coding.

St. Johns Episcopal School
145 NE 10 Street
Homestead, FL 33030

Phone: (305) 247-5445

Fax: (305) 245-4063

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8am - 3:30pm


School Secretary/Admissions Office:

Alycia Rosa

Lorraine Wells

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